Dita Von Teese - Perrier Mansion (Dice)

Dita Von Teese - Perrier Mansion (Dice)


Dita Von Teese, the new spokeswoman for Perrier got really into pitching her product in a recent ad. She stripped down to flesh-colored and black lingerie and--oopsies!--poured the bubbly water all over herself. Don't worry, Dita, we've got the dry cleaning bill covered.

Nylon Studios was hand-picked to do all music & sound for the interactive, wet and sultry Perrier website featuring burlesque star and model Dita Von Teese. This 'scene' shows Dita rolling some naughty dice, you never know what she'll do!

Composers Johnny Green & Jack Milas wrote the tracks while Dave Robertson was the mixing engineer.

Dita Von Teese Wonderbra

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