Extraordinary Pantene

Extraordinary Pantene shampoo Thailand Commercial - Violin

pantene tv commercial thailand deaf violinist

Thai Pantene television commercial. Its simply brilliant. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds.

This is a story about a deaf and mute girl. Since she is mute, a girl in her class looked down on her and blamed her for wasting everyone else’s time. The mute girl was once depressed. She underwent a lot of discrimination and torture. But a street musician encouraged her to keep on playing. One day, the girl who discriminated her asked someone to beat the street musician and broke the girl’s violin in the hope that the mute girl wouldn’t be able to attend a music contest. But the mute girl persisted and finally won the music contest and self-esteem. A slogan "Pantene—you can shine" pops up on the screen after the story.

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